Zara and Toytown ride again (too fast)

I thought I would use my first real blog to give a little glimpse behind the scenes of a recent job.  I was hired on by PA to take pictures of Zara Phillips and her horse Toytown at Windsor Great Park for Samsung’s Hope Relay. A photogenic Royal, her most famous horse and her Grandmothers castle picturesque in the background. What could go wrong? Well as all too often in this country the answer turned out to be the weather.

Kansas and not being there anymore came to mind as horse and rider were buffeted, unable to stay still and my studio light started to take off. As me and the PR team scrambled to keep all parts of the shot in the same place at the same time, Zara looked on in good natured amusement. Boring, white skied pictures loomed large on the horizon as the shoot drew to a close. Then it happened, I had the right lens (courtesy of Susannah Ireland), the sun dropped on Windsor Castle and the light went off. One frame, that image I had in my head on the back of the camera. A lot of peoples effort all worth it and she was definitely amused.



David Parry Blog

Hello and welcome to this my very first blog. Those of you who know me well, you will know that I am not the most verbose of people but never afraid to speak up if I have something to say. As that is the kind of man I am that is the kind of blog I hope this to be. Posts will be irregular but I hope always interesting. Please do follow me and I will tell you a few stories and mostly importantly keep you up to date with the pictures I take.

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